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Year-Round Preschool - Our Approach
Children Exploration Preschool

The first 5 years of a child’s life build the foundations of their future development and potential in adult life. Research demonstrates  that early childhood education is an essential building block for a child’s future success, building a strong foundation for lifelong learning and learning abilities, including cognitive and social development.

Children learn best when they feel comfortable and happy in their environment and at My Time we believe in providing an environment that maximizes each child’s development and learning opportunities. At our preschool, each child and parent becomes part of our family. 

We believe our curriculum should create opportunities for teachers to foster open-ended, child-led activities which harness the child’s intrinsic curiosities. Furthermore, we believe children are inherently connected to nature and feel it is imperative to nurture this connection. 

At My Time Kids Academy we believe in providing an environment that is appropriate for enhancing each child’s development. It has been said that play is a child’s work. We work to create opportunities for play, discovery, and exploration, to support each child’s growth and development. We believe each child is unique, and the educator’s role is to scaffold a child’s development at the pace suitable to them. 

When your child leaves our preschool to move to their next chapter in elementary school, they will be a confident and curious learner with strengths in all areas of development including personal, social, and emotional development, language and communication, numeracy and literacy.


We believe our role is to support not only a child’s overall development, but also foster a love of learning!

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