My Time curriculum was specially designed, through years of experience, to stimulate a child’s innate desire to move, create, explore, play, pretend, and have FUN! Our goal is to provide children the opportunity to grow socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Each of these goals is taught through developmentally appropriate activities that are explored both indoors and outdoors. Our curriculum offers children ample opportunities to explore, play and pretend, all while setting the foundation for a lifelong love of learning! The chart below lists the concepts that are integrated into activities and taught in our classrooms throughout the year.


  • Movement games

  • Fine Motor Activities

  • Sensory Activities

  • Dramatic Play

  • Gymnastics

  • Art

  • Music

  • Spanish

  • In House field trips

  • Outdoor Ed. Center


  • Shapes

  • Numbers

  • Patterns

  • Counting

  • Graphing

  • Measurement

  • Opposites

  • Comparing Objects

  • Calendar Time

  • Colors

  • STEM integration


  • Shadows

  • Animals/Insects

  • My Body

  • Dinosaurs

  • 5 senses

  • Weather

  • Oceans

  • Nature/ Gardening

  • Outer Space

  • Healthy Foods

  • STEM integration


  • All about Me

  • Fire Safety

  • Holidays

  • Feelings/ Manners

  • Cooking Safety

  • Transportation

  • Recycling/ Conservation

  • Healthy Choices

  • Community Helpers

  • New School Year


  • Letter Recognition

  • Letter Sounds

  • Imagination

  • Rhymes

  • Upper case letters

  • Lower case letters

  • Early reading skills

  • Fiction/Non-Fiction Literary Exposure

  • Writing Skills

  • Daily Story Times

  • Fine Motor Skills


Included in Tuition

Storytime/Readers Theatre

Students learn through stories, songs, dance, puppet shows and creative movement. Expanding imagination enhances creative expression and improves children's verbal, social, and language arts skills.


Our Spanish teacher utilizes games, songs, and her knowledge of ESL strategies to immerse the Spanish language into the daily routine. As a native Spanish speaker, our teacher brings passion and fun to her lessons.


Our students do so much more than cut, color and paste! Art experiences in clay, paper mache, 3D collage, and creative building engage the senses and the mind! 

STEM Discovery Lab

Tapping in to a child's natural sense of wonder is what this class is all about. This engaging enrichment class provides a strong foundation in math and science at a developmentally appropriate level through hands-on experiments and investigations.


Research boasts that preschoolers benefit greatly from movement and play. Gymnastics classes help develop gross motor skills, spatial awareness and confidence.  


We are so fortunate to have music classes led by experienced instructors from the Musician’s Woodshed. Our students enjoy exploring various  music genres, song styles and instruments.

What is STEM?

  • STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

  • STEM activities provide hands-on and minds-on lessons and exploration.

  • STEM-based has real-life situations to help the student connect their learning.


STEM supports children’s overall academic growth, as well as, develops early critical thinking and reasoning skills. Young children are naturally curious. They wonder what things are called, how they work, and why things happen. The foundations of scientific learning lie in inquiry and exploration- these are the tools of active learning. Fostering young children’s sense of curiosity about the natural world around them can promote a lifelong interest in it. By providing STEM integration in our My Time Curriculum, we are helping children to explore, observe, ask questions, predict, and integrate their learning.