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Enrollment  is  as  easy  as  1- 2- 3!


Click link for inquiry and personal tour
at one of our TWO locations! 

Bee Cave Location
3698 RR 620 South, Suite 102-104

Bee Creek Location
3108 Bee Creek Rd.
(gated stone entrance)


After personal tour and class availability has been confirmed, review parent handbook and complete enrollment forms.

Parent Handbook Links:


Create student account & submit deposit. Link will be sent to open new account.

Location 1: Bee Cave, *near Target/ Chick-fil-a/ Home Depot
2024 tuition chart2.png
Location 2: Bee Creek Rd/ Rough Hollow area-
*near Rough Hollow Elementary/ Spicewood
MTK2 tuition chart2.png


* Tuition subject to change- a 30 day notice will be given.

* Deposit includes supply plus enrollment fee plus 1st month tuition. Please ask for payment options if needed for multiple siblings.

* Non-refundable fees: Annual Enrollment Fee, Annual Facility/ Grounds Fee, Application Fee, Activity/Supply Fee, First Month's Tuition

* Withdrawal from any My Time Kids program requires a 30 day written notice.

* Tuition is non-refundable due to closure initiated by state officials, CDC & Health officials, or administration due to COVID-19.

* My Time Kids Academy prefers all immunizations to be current according to Texas Department of Health immunization schedule along with required hearing and vision screenings for students 4 years of age and older. State Affidavits are required for any child without up-to-date childhood immunizations/ screenings and may be submitted in place of complete immunization records. My Time requires all records/ exemption affidavits be on file with our school within one week of the admission date.

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