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What to Bring:


  • Enrollment Packet Forms- see list in box below

  • NUT FREE snack, labeled with name

  • NUT FREE lunch, labeled with name

  • Sport bottle of water, labeled with name

  • Backpack, labeled with name, to contain papers, projects, lunchbox, snack, and water bottle.

  • Extra clothes in a zip-lock bag, labeled with name

  • Beach towel for rest time (except Hedgehog class)

  • Hedgehog Class: rest time nap mat that rolls up 

  • Epi-Pens & Allergy Plans for campers with Medically Diagnosed Allergies.

What NOT to Bring:

  • Pillows- we have no place to store them

  • Milk, Juices (vegetable or fruit), Sports Drinks, Soda

  • Toys, Trinkets, Stuffed Animals

  • Electronics

Required Forms

To access Parent Handbook & Forms CLICK HERE

The forms are a separate button within the link above.

SIX pages with a black star in the bottom right corner, they are listed below.
All documents are DUE prior to your first day of camp- email, fax or bring to MTKA office.
If your child attended MTKA this spring, you only need to submit the forms attached to the

"Welcome to Camp" email sent in May.

  1. Emergency Contact/ Authorized Pick-Up 

  2. Medical Emergency/ Permission to Transport

  3. Statement of Health/ Location of Records 

  4. Discipline Policy 

  5. Return to School Policy

  6. Policies & Permissions 

  7. Through Your Eyes Questionnaire (sent via email)

  8. Current Immunization Records

  9. *Severe Allergy Action Plan for Medically Diagnosed Allergies- (Please reach out to our office if needed.)

FAX: 512-727-5610   email:

What to Wear:


We recommend that you send your child in clothes that can get messy. We LOVE to play, move, and explore so comfy summer attire is best, NO flip-flops please.

  • Closed-toe shoes- no flip flops/ crocs 

  • Sunscreen (arrive with it already applied)

  • Insect Repellant (arrive with it already applied)

  • Feel free to send a light jacket if your child tends to get chilly easily.

What NOT to Wear:

  • Flip-Flops or Open-Toe Shoes

  • Dangle jewelry that may get hung on recess equipment
  • Diapers/ Pull-ups, children should be comfortable in underwear and using the restroom with help if needed.

Please have your BRIGHTWHEEL app open & ready 

Morning Arrival~

Staff will:

  • Approach the vehicle from passenger side ALWAYS

  • Conduct Health Screening & take child's temperature

  • Unload children from passenger side & escort them in- child may have to cross over in the back seat if their seat is on the other side. 

Please pull into the parking lot with your rear passenger door aligned with the front of the school. Remain in your vehicle and wait for a staff member to come to you.

Afternoon Pick-Up~

Staff will:

  • have children's belongings packed and ready at the classroom.​

Parents will:

  • Park in the designated spaces and enter through the front door of the building. 

  • Have your phone ready to SCAN the QR code to check your child out for the day.

Specific times are in the Welcome to Camp email. Campers enrolled in Extended Care, disregard pick up time listed. 

Arrival & Pick-Up

Watch this Video

We encourage you to watch this video with your child to help them to understand the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up procedures.

My Time Kids Academy will continue with this procedure through the summer to alleviate congestion in the parking lot.

Please HOLD HANDS in the parking lot in the afternoons as you return to the car.

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